Are you the one with exploring an adventurous nature? Have you finished your PADI open water and scuba diving certification and now looking for a more advanced and vaster dimension of courses then Bucket List Diver is your right stop? We offer several options andopportunities for skill refining in diving. Get ready for your PADI certification in Western Australia and Perth.

Why this certification?

These courses have certain advantages and say thankyou to PADI certification as it makes you a pro in navigation without or with the compass. You can dive to30meter and can explore the world under the water. These certificates will give you a chance to dive in and explore the world under the water. The world that is full of mystery and magic. You will dive in and witness the most amazing miracles of nature.

This padi certification in perth will give you the confidence of going deeper and fulfils our objective too that is to fill you with confidence. You can join the classes today. As we only take 4 students thus it will give enough time to you for getting in-person sessions and communication with your trainer. Your trainer will talk about the obstacles and the challenges of the water world.

Don’t waste your time and book your seats today. These water worlds are situated on different islands. These islands have wrecked ships that are a whole universe. You will get a chance to explore the whole new world and act as a caption of the ship. These ships are now a habitat for multiple species thus will give you a chance to explore all the world. This PADI CERTIFICATION will give you the confidence to swim confidently either in shallow water, open or deep into the oceans. All these activities are designed in a way to make you feel more comfortable.


This PADI CERTIFICATION hasa cost including a deeper hook during a drift dive. These diverse courses havea duration of a few days with a team of few people. Here you will get a chance to know people better. You can talk you your instructor and inform them about your whole journey and how you feel. You can discuss if something is necessary. They are always here to listen giving you enough room. Certification means you are pro in your cart thus get into it today and just open your arms to witness everything today.

Assisting with Diving

If you want to dive at Rottnest Island, then your instructor is here to guide you. Once you will get PADI CERTIFICATION, then you will have the confidence, and this will be easy for you to understand the situation. All the basic facilities will be covered, and you will get a chance to enjoy the dive.