A dermatology procedure that is used to make your hairs look thicker with tattooing is called micro-pigmentation. There are other names for the same procedure as, dermal implantation, micro-stroking, micro-feathering etc. The procedure is getting more and more attention as people are facing increasing problems of hair thinning.  

Reason for thin hairs: 

There are countable reasons for the thinning of hairs.  

  • Pollution 
  • Malnutrition / imbalanced diet 
  • Genetic reason 
  • Disease 
  • Heavy medication to fight from the disease 
  • Uncontrollable usage of chemicals on the hair for styling  
  • Pregnancy  
  • Not caring properly  

These are the few of the reasons why thinning of the hairs are so common nowadays. If a person stops being lazy and does all the things to increase hair health, it will surely be healthy.  

Solution after the hair loss:  

After losing all or almost all of the hair people turn their heads towards the artificial solutions. In the modern era of dermatology, there are various permanent cosmetic surgeries for different body parts. Although the ink will eventually fade away after the limited period of time, surely, it is quite common among the coming generation. So, in these temporarily permanent makeup surgeries is the micro-pigmentation and the hair transplant for the hairs. There are other procedures as well. Scalp micropigmentation in Melbourne is a procedure where the professional uses his specially made tool and inject the scalp ink in Melbourne in the very first layer of the skin. He has to make sure that the ink is only in the first layer. Otherwise, it could create some damage. If he is doing the whole head the procedure will take 2 to 3 sessions and in each, the professional has to put around 40,000 marks. This is why a single session takes around 7 to 8 hours. It is recommended to get the procedure done in different sessions rather than in a single sitting. The reason is that the procedure is already quite time taking and on the subject who he is performing on is a human so, it is not safe to complete the whole procedure in a single sitting.  

Can it be removed?  

Yes, it can be removed. The ink from the micro-pigmentation can be removed. If the procedure has been done with perfection and with precision then the removal process would be completed in 2 sessions, but, if the performer has not shown the professionalism while doing the micro-pigmentation then, it will be difficult to remove the pigmentation. Normally a normal tattoo takes around 10 days depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. As there are more than one colours is involved to create the masterpiece.  scalp-ink